Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Schooling children with down syndrome" by Christopher Kliewer



Christopher kliewer argues that students with disabilities should be educated with all students of different learning abilities. They should be given the chance to learn in mainstream learning environment  so every student would be able to grow, develop, and learn from one another; in a different way from the students who are on the same level.   

"Success in life requires an ability to form relationships with others who make up the web of community. Though many of us have a certain level of control over who we meet and interact with, none of us can come close to claiming complete control. So we learn to work with others."

I think this is a great quote because everything that is said in it is true.  You can't pick your classmates or the students you will  teach. They are just given to you and you have to do the best that you can so they can learn. It may be hard at the beginning but overtime you could form a great bond with these students.

"School citizenship requires that students not be categorized and separated based on presumed defect."

I like the whole idea of this "citizenship" way of running a school. I don't think that children or adults with any issue, Down Syndrome being one of them, should feel that they need to be separated from others, especially in schools. Teachers are there to educate the students and it is their responsibility to make sure that a school day runs smoothly so the students can get the best out of the school day. I think it is important that students have the opportunity to learn from each other  as well. Children with Down Syndrome should be able to sit in a class with children who do not have Down Syndrome.

"Teachers who valued their children as citizens recognized each student's individuality."

This quote goes along with the quote above. Everyone has the right to be their own person and everyone has the right to be recognized as individuals, even people with Down Syndrome. Rather than labeling labeling students with Down Syndrome under one name, we have to look at them as they are citizens and then they can be seen for who they are as an individuals.

I found a great connection between Kliewer's reading and Jonson's Piece about SCWAAMP . Johnson said able-bodied individuals were privileged while those with disabilities were silenced. I didn't realize how right he was until reading this chapter from Kliewer's book. Incorporating these children children into the classroom will not only allow them to achieve greater academically then if they were in a special education classroom, but it will also give the other children the chance to look at the children with disabilities as one of them , not different.

I found a an article I like to share with you, which states that all students with special needs are capable of success and they need to be given a great deal of encouragement. Click here


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